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At Vantage Heights School we see education as a dynamic process which cannot be split into "home and school" since the influence of one will always reflect on the other, and as such it is essential that parents and teachers work together, thus partnership is formed which will foster an atmosphere of mutual trust, common aims and clear intention. 

Our educational service is with a broad balanced curriculum in a caring, vibrant and stimulating, warm and inviting environment, where teachers and careers can help the children foster, unlock and develop their potentials and eagerness to learn using the best and modern educational methods and resources thus making early childhood a pleasant, memorable experience indeed.

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Our sister school Little Tots which exists under the Vantage Height Umbrella and Management has a conducive and caring settings put in place to provide children with the right to environment to develop social skills as they interact with other children.

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Children from age 3+ are inducted into our Elementary school starting from Nursery one. They are seamlessly taken through sound learning experiences for the next 8 years. Throughout this period, the aim is to achieve effectiveness in the core skills of Numeracy, Literacy, Sciences, Civics, french Technology, and Proficiency in at least a local language before Year one. 


Each class is manned by a teacher and an assistant. An average of 15-20 students is allowed in each class. Admission into any of these classes is closed once the maximum number is attained. Opening is advertised on our website and prospective pupils are duly informed by e-mail. Classes begin by 8.05am and closes 2.30pm, Monday to Friday.


Sundry fun activities are available to our pupils beside their regular academic classes. Under the tutelage of professional instructors, our pupils are engaged in extra-curricular and sporting activitie ... Read more



We give them the best of elementary education in line with both International and National Curricula from Year. French is introduced from Year 3. Essentially, all these subjects are of paramount importance as they form the basis for the THEME subjects to be learned in post primary school. More so, through our hands-on entrepreneurial skills acquisition and project-based learning, the pupils are introduced to the real world around them and are exposed to real life problem-solving skills. What's more? The use of international and best globally acceptable practices in methodologies and strategies makes our classes completely and uniquely interesting. Ranging from modern classroom management, unfettered access to sundry resources from our e-library, e-learning platforms,  to the use of modern technologies in lesson delivery, the collaboration between pupils and teachers, between teachers and parents, amongst learners themselves, to mention but few, schooling has become more interes ... Read more



Our well seasoned staff are always on point to deliver the very best to your wards.

They are qualified and experienced, hard working, efficient and dedicated. They are instrumental to the excellent performance of our children.

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Our well seasoned staff are always on point to deliver the very best to your wards.

They are qualified and experienced, hard working, efficient and dedicated. They are instrumental to the excellent performance of our children.

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    Procedures for Prospective Students

    Every prospective student/pupil must fill an application form online or pick up the form from the front desk and pay the sum of Twenty thousand naira.


    i. Visit our online application page APPLY NOW.

    ii. Complete the form and attach the following documents;

    • Statement of Last Result/Academic Report Card
    • Birth Certificate/Passport Data Page
    • Applicant’s Character Testimonial from former school
    • Payment Teller or notification if available (or you can pay at the bank after submitting the application)

    iii.  Submit 2 passport photographs to the front desk officer


    Visit our front office to obtain the forms. You can follow any of the payment options above.

    Completed app ...
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Why Choose Us

To become a learning community that provides independent and well rounded pre - school services.
As a partner in the education of our pupils, we foster a warm, vibrant, stimulating and inviting environment, where teachers and carers help children unlock and develop their potentials: inducing the eagerness to learn by using the most modern educational methods and resources
Raising a generation of confident kids

Verse 1: Vantage Height Nursery and primary school Legacy of a confident future Beginning here we are the leaders Reaching for the stars.
Verse 2: Vantage Height Nursery and primary school We are the role models of our time. Forward ever, backward never For a confident future.
Bridge: Prayers for our teachers And many thanks to them For showing us the right way And leading us aright. All thanks to our parents For taking care of us And giving us the best in life. We bow before our God.
Vamp: So we all say: God bless Vantage Height(x3).

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